4th-COSMO-RS-Symposium in 2013


發佈日期 2012-12-13

4th-COSMO-RS-Symposium in 2013

4th-COSMO-RS-Symposium in 2013

April 8 - 10, 2013
in the convention centre / hotel "GSI" in Bonn, the former capital city of Germany.

In the tradition of the previous COSMO-RS symposia, this shall become an excellent occasion for the scientific presentation of all kinds of new and interesting developments and applications in the context of the COSMO-RS method and for the exchange and discussion of opinions and ideas on COSMO-RS with respect to strengths, weaknesses, and improvement potential of this still young method for thermodynamic property prediction in the liquid phase. Furthermore, it shall become a great opportunity for people interested, but not yet experienced in COSMO-RS, to get a theoretical introduction into COSMO-RS theory, a practical introduction to the COSMOtherm program, and to hear about the application areas and performance of COSMO-RS not only from the developers, but also from a large number of COSMO-RS users.

If you plan to participate, we would strongly appreciate your Registration at your earliest convenience. This helps us to propagate the further organizational details according to your needs and preferences, and it saves your room and participation, since the maximum number of participants is limited. The registration will be closed when the limit is reached.

Paper submission:
Submissions for oral presentations (20-30 min) should be made ASAP, but latest by Dec.31, 2012. Registration is required before paper submission. According to our previous experience we expect that we will have to move some submissions for oral presentations to the poster session. Oral presentations will be selected based on quality and originality with some prioritization based on early submission. A short abstract of roughly 250 - 900 words is expected as basis for the selection. Submissions of poster presentations will be accepted until March 15, 2013.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration in the organization of our 4th COSMO-RS symposium. We are looking forward to see you in Bonn

The COSMOlogic Team


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