2012 GeoDict UGM


發佈日期 2012-12-13

2012 GeoDict UGM

GeoDict User Meeting

Information For many technical fields, the most configurable and application-relevant key property of a material is its morphology, or geometric structure. Traditionally, the best morphology is found based on operational experience and time and cost-intensive empirical methods (trial-and-error). GeoDict, the innovative software developed by Math2Market GmbH and Fraunhofer ITWM, provides the software solution for material development tasks through variation of the geometry. The morphology of most materials can be created. For these morphologies, the prediction and design of properties can be accomplished based on the geometry. Application-specific consulting and state of the art solvers, together with intuitive pre- and post-processing capabilities save material designers time and money and minimize the number of physical experiments.

GeoDict is now widely used throughout industry and academia to analyze existing materials, often based on 3D images of the materials, and to design new materials, based on models.

The GeoDict User Meeting is a great opportunity to learn about the many improvements and new features of GeoDict. It is also an occasion to learn how to make the most of GeoDict and its advanced features. An example is the automation of parameter-studies via scripts called vary-macros.

During the GeoDict User Meeting get to know other GeoDict users and learn how GeoDict is utilized in companies and research institutes to solve specific problems. We have invited experienced GeoDict users to give talks about their work with GeoDict.

Short Program

Monday 29th October
10 AM Registration
11 AM – 6 PM Sessions
- Hands- on demonstration during coffee breaks
- Joint lunch
7 PM Conference dinner

Tuesday 30th October
8:30 AM – 4 PM Sessions
- Hands- on demonstration during coffee breaks
- Joint lunch
4 PM Closing

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Program The program of the GeoDict User Meeting is now ready for download: access program
Downloads The downloads in this area are secured with user-name and password. Access is granted only to participants of the GeoDict user-meeting. To get user-name and password write an e-mail to the contact address of the user meeting (user.meeting(at)geodict.com).

Book of abstracts

Presentations of the user-meeting 2012 (zip-file)


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