PSE awards €5000 "Model-Based Innovation" prizes


發佈日期 2012-12-13

PSE awards €5000 "Model-Based Innovation" prizes

12 Nov 2012

PSE awards €5000 "Model-Based Innovation" prizes

Winning University of Porto team working on SMB process intensification

We are pleased to announce the winners of the main prize are Viviana Silva, Carla Pereira and Alírio Rodrigues of the University of Porto, Portugal, for their paper PermSMBR-A New Hybrid Technology: Application on Green Solvent and Biofuel Production, published in the AIChE Journal of July 2011.

The judges summarised it as"an excellent work demonstrating gPROMSs advanced capabilities in high-fidelity modeling of novel intensified processes, which shows that by combining a Simulated Moving Bed Reactor and a Membrane Reactor significant benefits can be achieved compared to the individual unit operation".

Runners up were a team from the University of Leeds comprising Peter Heggs, Penny Edge, Mohamed Pourkashanian and Alan Williams, for their paper An integrated computational fluid dynamics–process model of natural circulation steam generation in a coal-fired power plant, and Federico Galvanin, Massimiliano Barolo and Fabrizio Bezzo from the University of Padova for their paper On the use of continuous glucose monitoring systems to design optimal clinical tests for the identification of type 1 diabetes models.

The prize is judged by team of leading academics in the area of process systems engineering, Professors Stratos Pistikopoulos (chair) of Imperial College, Rafiq Gani of TU Denmark (Lyngby) and Michael Georgiadis of the University of Western Macedonia.

gPROMS is widely used throughout the chemicals, energy, petrochemical, food and pharmaceuticals sectors, including some 200 academic organisations. Mark Matzopoulos, deputy MD, says "PSE has a strong history of working with academic communities around the world to foster innovation, through our academic programme, our local-area training, the MBI Prize and our Partnership for Advanced Process Modelling. We also have streamlined and collaborative mechanisms for effectively bringing university research to industrial practice. We congratulate our winners on the quality of their work"

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