[MedeA] 線上應用會議- 多分子材料


發佈日期 2018-10-26

[MedeA] 線上應用會議- 多分子材料

台灣地區(Taiwan region) 最適宜時間是
10/31 10PM~11PM or
11/01 02PM~03PM


Webinar: Using MedeA to Study Formation and Properties of Polymer Networks

Attend this webinar to increase your knowledge of network structures at the molecular level and make accurate predictions of the associated material properties.


Thermosetting polymers find widespread application in a variety of modern technologies used in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, protective coating and other industries. Theoretical prediction of the structure of these 3-dimensional infinite network systems was made long before the advent of modern computers, though the basic predictions remain valid and are often employed today. More recently however, development of fast computers, software and high throughput simulation methods have led to the possibility of significantly increasing our knowledge of network structure at the molecular level, and in the ability to make accurate predictions of the associated material properties. In this webinar, we will:

  • Review the key features of reactant molecular architecture that influence polymer network formation and structure of cured systems
  • Describe how MedeAs Thermoset Builder and High-throughput modeling environment have been used to investigate gelation in experimentally well studied epoxy, urethane, and alkyd thermosetting resins


  • Provide examples of how MedeAs Building and Simulation tools can be used to study industrially important properties of complex systems containing crosslinked polymers
Tue, October 29th: 
10 am PDT / 11 am MST / 12 pm CDT /1 pm EST USA / 6 pm Europe (CEST)

Wed, October 30th:
7 am Pacific / 3 pm Europe (CEST)

Thu, October 31st:
7 am Europe (CEST) / 11:30 am India (IST) / 2 pm China (CST) / 3 pm Japan (JST)
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Webinar Host
Dr. David Rigby
David is a pioneer in the development of atomistic simulation methods for polymers and has worked with Robert Stepto, R. J. Roe, Bruce Eichinger and many other leaders in developing the field. David joined Materials Design in 2009, and has since focused on a variety of polymer-related topics including aerospace composites, electronic packaging and engineering polymers specializing in forcefield and related methods.
The MedeA Atomistic Modeling and Simulation Environment
MedeA is the leading software environment for atomistic materials modeling, used by thousands of customers at more than 500 institutions worldwide. Scientists and engineers in industry and research institutions rely on MedeA to simulate materials properties and understand diverse phenomena. MedeA enables users to create better products through the accurate simulation of materials properties.

MedeA integrates world-leading structural databases (totaling over 980,000 entries), electronic structure programs (VASPGaussianMOPAC), molecular dynamics (LAMMPS), and Monte Carlo methods (GIBBS) with a host of powerful building, editing, and analysis tools in a unified environment allowing the creation of efficient workflows. Its innovative high-throughput (HT) capabilities enable the exploitation of computational resources.
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