[PSE] gProcessBuilder 1.3 Update 資訊


發佈日期 2018-10-26

[PSE] gProcessBuilder 1.3 Update 資訊

gPROMS ProcessBuilder 1.3 Update

Platform improvements and new and extended model libraries

We are pleased to announce the release of gPROMS ProcessBuilder 1.3.0, which can now be downloaded from the customer area [login required].

ProcessBuilder 1.3.0 benefits from new features in the gPROMS platform as well as from new and upgraded model libraries. A summary is provided below, with more details available in the release notes within the software.

gPROMS ProcessBuilder 1.3 Update

The new and upgraded model libraries are listed below:

  • gML Process – models of standard process units
  • gML Oilfield – modelling and optimisation of upstream oil and gas assets.
  • gML Power – modelling of power plants
  • gML Water – modelling of waste-water treatment plants.
  • gML Olefins – modelling of steam cracking furnaces for olefins production.

For more information, visit the gPROMS ProcessBuilder 1.3 product update page here.


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