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How can I purchase a VASP license?

Register here online or send an email to Give some basic information about your affiliation in your email, so we can send you the appropriate license agreement forms.


Important notice: Some companies are selling illegal copies of VASP!

VASP can only be acquired legally in two ways:


Purchase a license directly from the VASP Software GmbH (send a request to:

Purchase a license from Materials Design Inc. or their official resellers.

All legal licenses hold a signature of Georg Kresse or Doris Vogtenhuber, or are covered by a license agreement from Materials Design.

All legal copies are centrally registered.


VASP 產品可獲得的來源有二: 直接取得(採用直銷方式)

2. Materials Design Inc取得 或他的全球代理商  


不論簽署合約是用 Materials Design Inc其合約效力均是相同,統一註冊在系統內。 

虎門科技自2014起正式成為Materials Design Inc 在台灣的總代理商,因此,提供MedeA 平台上所有產品,故也包含VASP 產品。 

VASP產品分兩類: source code and compiled version, 若是編譯後版本需搭配MedeA 環境平台。

Source code產品則須由用戶自行編譯。 



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