6/17-6/18 Ansys WOST 2021線上研討會


發佈日期 2021-06-04

6/17-6/18 Ansys WOST 2021線上研討會

活動時間:台灣時間 6/17 4:30pm ~ 6/18 22:45pm


 There will be six Plenary Sessions on the following topics:議程包含以下主題的六大主題

Learn in our Industry Application Sessions about:在我們的行業應用議程中了解有關

Get an overview about the current state of integrating CAE-based sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation into virtual product development processes.

Please feel free to reach out in case of any questions 了解基於 CAE 的敏感性分析、優化和穩健性評估集成到虛擬產品開發過程中的現狀。




Plenary Session 1 - Simulation Process Automation and Orchestration

16:30 - 16:35pm Introduction: Johannes Will (Ansys)

16:35 - 17:10pm Keynote | Practical Application of a Simulation Process Management System for Multi-Objective Optimization of Power Electronics  Daniel Krätschmer, Frederike Lörke (Robert Bosch GmbH)

17:10 - 17:35pm Publish Engineering Workflows as Webapps for Everyone Daniel Soukup (CADFEM GmbH)

17:35 - 18:00pm The Application and Benefits of Molding Process Optimization at Kärcher using Moldex3D Florian Seibold (Alfred Kärcher SE & Co KG)


PLENARY SESSION 2 - Platform R&D Update

18:50 - 19:15pm Ansys Platform Strategy Sanjay Angadi (Ansys)

19:15 - 19:40pm Development of optiSLang Product Line Johannes Will (Ansys)

19:40 - 20:05pm Recent method developments optiSLang product line Thomas Most (Ansys)

20:05 - 20:30pm Recent Developments for Field metamodelling with SoS Sebastian Wolff (Ansys)


PLENARY SESSION 3 - Metamodeling

21:00 - 21:25pm A Four-dimensional Reduced Order Model Approach for Life Prediction of Hot Operation Components Aditya Dubey (Siemens India)

21:25 - 21:50pm Metamodels generated from thermo-mechanical simulation for the design of a test setup for microelectronics packages Martin Niessner, Infineon Technologies AG

21:50 - 22:15pm Reduced Order Modeling with Mechanical and optiSLang Johannes Einzinger (Ansys)

22:15 - 22:40pm Modeling of a window lift drive and a control edge with Neural Concept Shape Roland Schirrmacher (Robert Bosch GmbH)


PLENARY SESSION 4 - Design Optimization I

23:00 - 23:25pm Multidisciplinary Optimization of Check Valve Carsten Molhede Thomson (Danfoss A/S)

23:25 - 23:50pm A novel global optimization approach using HFSS analytical derivatives Peter Krenz (Ansys)

23:50 - 00:15am(Jun.18) Optimization of Inductive Magnetics on Silicon Devices with optiSlang Dragan Dinulovic (Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG)

00:15 - 00:40am(Jun.18) E-machine Optimization considering Electric Drive Unit (EDU) System Requirements Jonathan Godbehere, Nicolas Riviere (MDL Limited)



SESSION 5A - Design Optimization II

16:20 - 16:45 pm Virtual product optimization for laser material processing systems Dominik Kühn (LightTrans)

16:45 - 17:10 pm Design understanding with DOE as part of the virtual optics development process Sabrina Niemeyer (Ansys)

17:10 - 17:35 pm How Ansys SPEOS and Ansys optiSLang Solve Complex HUD Design Stefan Thöne (Ansys)

17:35 - 18:00 pm Title to be announced soon Speaker to be announced soon


SESSION 5B - Reliability Analysis & Calibration

16:20 - 16:45 pm PROBAbilistic computational intelLIGENCE using STOCHOS inside optiSLang Can Bogoclu (Probaligence GmbH)

10:45 - 17:10 pm Reliability Analysis of a Diplexer with Improved Quality for the Prediction of Failure Probabilities Philippe Leduc (STMicroelectronics)

17:10 - 18:35 pm On the simplification of thermomechanical fatigue testing Macus Lehmann (Ariane Group)

18:35 - 19:00 pm Scenario-based testing in simulation: Sensitivity analysis of traffic modeling and its influence on the exposed failure regions Johannes Plaum (Daimler Truck AG)


WORKSHOPS 7:00pm – 8:30 pm (The individual workshops will take place in parallel.)

Democratization of simulation workflows and processes David Schneider (Ansys)

Robust Design Optimization of electric motors Roland Niemeier & Nicolas Riviere (Motor Design Limited)

Optimization in optics & photonics Tino Dannenberg, Sabrina Niemeyer (Ansys)

Optimization of antenna design Ralf Lampert & Peter Krenz (Ansys)

Model calibration and Robust Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing Roger Schlegel & Keno Kruse (CADFEM GmbH)


PLENARY SESSION 6 - Design Optimization III

21:00 - 21:25 pm Electro-optic Design Optimization and Analysis from Micrometers to Kilometers Peter Krenz (Ansys)

21:25 - 21:50 pm Optimization of idealized, parametrized simulation models for modal analysis using optimization algorithms and validating the optimum on a reference model Shashank Hebbar (Siemens AG)

21:50 - 22:15 pm Topology Optimization Result Interpretation using ANSYS optiSLang CATIA-Integration Jessica Tamasi (Rheinmetall)

22:15 - 22:45 pm Parametric geometry optimization of solids processing equipments Rakulan Sivanesapillai (Bayer AG)=


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