Ensight 9.1.2a 和Ensight CFD 3.0發布


發佈日期 2010-07-06

Ensight 9.1.2a 和Ensight CFD 3.0發布

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EnSight 9.1.2a


EnSight CFD 3.0

EnSight 9.1.2a Now Available for Download and Testing

We are pleased to announce the release of EnSight 9.1.2aYou can download, install, and test EnSight 9.1.2a now
You can download, install, and test EnSight 9.1.2a now.

We will be announcing the release to the public in about 1 week.  So you have a few days to become familiar
with this version before customers begin to ask you about it.

EnSight CFD 3.0

We are also releasing EnSight CFD 3.0 at this time as well.  With these two releases, EnSight CFD will no longer
be a part of EnSight.  You have to install these two applications separately and you cannot switch between them,
it is no longer necessary, since EnSight CFD now has for example, its own variable calculator.

New Website

You will also notice we have developed a new website.  Most of the previous content is still available, but you
should notice easier access to tutorials, case studies, and other sales and support resources.  Please advise us
at marketing@ensight.com if you notice anything missing or any problems. 



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