ReST for Ansys

ReST for Ansys

Electro-migration Failure Prediction Tool

ReST for Ansys 2020R2


Electro-migration is a very important failure mechanism for interconnects of integrated circuits, and it involves microscopic physical phenomena. So far, most of the general commercial software cannot accurately simulate the electron migration based on the mechanical principle and considering the three-dimensional space, temperature gradient, stress gradient and electron wind.

The theoretical core of ReST for Ansys was developed by Professor Tan Cher Ming of Chang Gung University. Using Atomic Flux Divergence (AFD) as an index, it can accurately calculate the void nucleation of copper interconnection lines, and evaluate the stress gradient, temperature gradient and electronic wind. other failure contributions.
In order to provide a more accurately forecasting tool for the domestic semiconductor industry, TADC cooperate with Professor Tan Cher Ming in 2019 to integrate the above-mentioned electromigration analysis methods into the Ansys Workbench and develop it into a special analysis tool for electromigration, ReST for Ansys. 
Contains the following features:
(1) Accuracy: The electromigration failure position of copper interconnects can be predicted very accurately when the scale is below micron.
(2) Automation: Automatically establish complex analysis process for thermoelectric, structural heat transfer and electromigration failure assessment.
(3) Advanced pre/post processing: Fully integrated with the Ansys WorkBench environment, the most advanced geometric modeling, mesh and parameter optimization techniques in Ansys can be imported into the electromigration failure prediction simulation.
(4) Strong R&D team: Professor Chen Shiming's R&D team has developed electromigration failure prediction technology for a long time. In addition to the prediction of failure locations, new functions such as life prediction have also been introduced into new versions.

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